Realty Show

Our smart phones have transformed the way we work. The boundaries between when we are working and when we are not, have begun to blur for better or for worse. Equally, and perhaps because of this our expectations for our work spaces and our living spaces have begun to merge. We expect our homes to be friendly to work and our work spaces to be more like our homes. We now work standing, sitting, lounging, walking, in isolation and collaboratively. We work in public and in private. Workspace design today has begun to accommodate all of these modalities in a fluid and flexible way. The Corcoran Sunshine downtown Manhattan headquarters, exemplifies this new breed of work place in a unique way. Corcoran Sunshine is a full service real estate sales and marketing firm with a curated portfolio of the world’s most desirable addresses. Having collaborated on projects with their new development team, INC was approached to bring our expertise in high-end residential design to the creation of their newest workplace. The mandate was to embody the exclusive, residential quality of the company's product in the design of the new space. The goal was to create a home away from home with a private club-like atmosphere that blurs the line between residential and commercial environments for a new breed of exclusive real estate agent. A rich palette of burgundy, navy, teal, black, grey, beige and gold were provided within the classic white washed downtown loft. Iconic pieces were selected from the masters of modern design including Ward Bennett, Mies Van Der Rohe, Werner Platner, Charles & Ray Eames and Jean Prouve.