Equinox Williamsburg

Equinox has a specific brand image that very visible throughout all their fitness clubs; however, each club is tailored so that its design is in tune to its local environment and clientele. Williamsburg has a younger community filled with those developing their careers and creating their paths. The design is high contrast with bright palettes of light whites, grey, deep blacks, charcoals, and browns. The color palettes were chosen with the idea that people will feel like they are working out inside a black and white photo.  

What inspired INC most about this project was the building: an expansive loft with a clear skylight running down the middle of it. A grid of vertically hanging LEDs lights the gym facilities. Two series of three volumes are rendered in throughout the entire space. The first series is a combination of black and steel, ebonized oak, and black stained plie wood. The second series includes construction grade plywood pulled from lumber yards, black painted 2x4’s, and black mirror. Circulation throughout the gym is in white limestone tile. To connect the fitness club’s design to the neighborhood it resides in, materials were used that were local and ready-made. Due to the loft set up of the building, the gym is upside down, with the locker rooms below. To draw the members down, INC designed a cascading light fixture that descends with the stairs.