INC 19th Street Office

Our home is our castle. INC’s old studio was a portrait of our aspirations and our culture at that moment in time. The goal was to create an environment that embodied the values of our company as it moved into its next phase - INC 2.0, if you will. Comfortable, casual, solid and refined, were to be its hallmarks. The space was peeled back to its essential architectural shell. Unfinished brick, the simple concrete structure, raw plaster, and maple floors were stripped, painted, buffed, and bleached to bring out their natural and honest beauty. Discreet and simple secondary architectural interventions were developed to provide for the functional requirements of the studio and to define spatial subdivisions that break down the space but maintain the open studio format so critical to our way of working together. This secondary architecture is rendered in materials like raw steel, industrial felt, reclaimed timber beams, copper, gold leaf, marble, walnut and plaster that draw a balance between a refined rawness and an expressive luxuriousness. Our space is filled with collected materials, objects and details inspired by our projects, our wanderings and our passions. We loved this studio and were truly sad to have outgrown it but we are lucky to have entered a new chapter in the life of our studio. Visit the new INC 3.0 studio on Varick Street in Soho.