Museum Quality

Labeled “the biggest little” and “best new gallery” in New York by the New York Times, the Derek Eller Gallery opened in September of 1997 with the mission of promoting emerging artists and championing critically acclaimed but under-recognized established artists. Although this independent gallery does not enjoy the pervasive market share of the international  behemoths that dominate today's commercially driven art world, it does have an outsized influence in that marketplace. This small gallery’s program has influenced some of the  broader themes of curatorial interest in the much larger global art market. The gallery is known for groundbreaking and challenging work, the Eller Gallery represents a diverse and ever evolving  group of artists including D-L Alvarez, Steve DiBenedetto, David Dupuis, André Ethier, Dan Fischer, Jesse Greenberg, Michelle Segre, Nancy Shaver, Alyson Shotz, Despina Stokou and Whiting Tennis  This, the second location developed by INC, for the gallery, is its largest yet. The renovation of this former garage balances a strong street presence, an orchestrated sequence away from the chaos of the street and a gallery perfectly proportioned to challenge the current roster of artists to develop work at a museum scale.