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Gotham's Glamour

We are New Yorkers. We live in the world's melting pot. We are the 21st century's greatest cultural experiment. There is no place on earth as diverse, complex and layered as New York City. INC’s product studio seeks to embrace the diversity that is the hallmark of Gotham’s glamour. These objects mine the history of our city. They reflect the many cultures that have made their mark here. These forms are pulled from the dreams of this great cities inhabitants. The studio's work emerges out of two decades of creating objects for this city of inventors. All of the complexity, history and inventiveness that is our city, will be reflected here and filtered through our lens of tailored simplicity. INC products are the essence of Gotham glamour.


Our Mission Statement

At INC Shop good design goes beyond the studio door and into the fabrication of every object. We have sought out local master-craftspeople and have developed relationships over two decades with regional fabricators to bring the highest quality products to the marketplace. All of our materials are carefully selected. The leathers we use are semi-aniline dyed full grain hides and our fabrics combine exquisite weaving with unmatched durability. Our design team is involved in every step of the process, from inception to execution. Each element of design has been carefully scrutinized and detailed for refinement, simplicity and comfort. In an era of outsourced fast-fashion furnishings, we cherish a prototype-to-production design process and regional craftsmanship.