INC’s three partners. Starting from the left: Gabriel Benroth, Drew Stuart, and Adam Rolston.

The Unwholly Trinity

Conceived as a singular intensely collaborative studio, INC is the brainchild of Adam Rolston, Gabe Benroth, and Drew Stuart. Dedicated to an integrated vision for the architectural and design disciplines, these three creatives shepherd every INC project, big or small, from beginning to end, with a passionate hands-on engagement that brings their respective talents and interests to bear. The inspiration, functionality and technique required at each phase of the design, construction and fabrication process is provided by their distinct but complementary gifts. This “team-of-interdisciplinary-specialists” approach, informs the culture and structure of the studio, where an “expert” is always within reach. Adam keeps an eye on the big picture, from 30,000 feet and down to earth, making sure that the sum is always greater than its parts. Gabe wants to leverage the power of technology in the studio, to build a better world outside it. For Drew the DNA is in the details that turn a good idea into a great design. Together they are on a mission to fashion objects, spaces and buildings that are deeply connected to their social and cultural contexts. As they like to say… for humans.