Bohemian Apartment

This 4,700-square-foot, five bedroom apartment, is every urban parent's dream. Designed to foster work, play and family bonding, the loft was created by combining two adjacent units on a high floor in one of Battery Park City's best buildings. The neighbor was chosen because it is family friendly character and its proximity to Wall Street where the owner makes his living. The combined unit is strung along the western elevation of the LEED certified building with all the primary living areas orient toward Hudson River views. 

Incorporated designed the home to satisfy a young couple with five active kids.  The "mom-in-residence", Kelly, grew up in sunny Santa Cruz California, a colorful beach town known for its outdoor life style and playful boardwalk. Regarding moving to New York she will say “I love raising my kids here,” but quickly will add, “We realized it was different from how we grew up.” Her goal with this renovation was to recreate the front and back yard she grew up for her whole family, but in an urban context. 
Incorporated developed each area of the home is discretely to provide a unique series of environments that both expand the spatial repertoire of the loft and organize the different activities of the household. Areas are dedicated to, playing, climbing, reading, craft projects, piano practice, sleeping, dancing and homework. All visual design cues evoke yet blur the lines between indoor and outdoor experiences.  “A lot of my idea of ‘home’ involves the outside,” Kelly has said and there are references throughout. Real birch tree trunks occupy the dining room, while the "tree house" is surrounded by a birch forest of wallpaper. The craft room is lined in reclaimed barn wood, even as a cartoon tree grows in the little girls’ room.     
Color plays a big role in the definition of the home. Anyone familiar with the playfulness of California design culture or has walked the Santa Cruz boardwalk will understand the influences here. Bright greens, azure blues, weathered surfaces and vintage wall coverings all evoke a southern California of a halcyon childhood.    

All photography by Annie Schlechter.