White Out

This family of four split their time between New York and Tel Aviv. The couple wanted to create an oasis that would be connected to his home (Tele Aviv) and her adopted city (New York). The goal was to combine the light, airy Mediterranean quality of the “Big Orange” (Tele Aviv) and the urban sophistication of “the big apple” (New York). This east 77th Street apartment is a renewal for the family that has lived in this building on the 21st floor for ten years. In 2016, the couple took over the entire floor to create a four bedroom 4000 square foot residence. The architectural interior is rendered in tonal whites and greys that evoke the sun-bleached coastline of the Mediterranean and “the city that never stops” and feels like a beachhead with a bird’s eye view of “the city that never sleeps”. Floors of micritic limestone, grey-ceruse woodwork and concrete plaster walls make up the primary palette. Tessellated millwork forms and accessories like great beached rocks populate the main loft. Natural elements like the figured marble kitchen, the A. Rudin sofa in crushed silk, the Andrianna Shamaris resin and driftwood coffee table and custom Tai Ping silk carpets that evoke tidal pools all come together to decidedly urbane and painterly effect.