West 72nd Street Apartment

The 72nd Street apartment is a cultivated hybrid. It is both hyper-modern and deeply classical at once. The design balances extreme abstraction and rich classicism. There are decadent decorative flourishes and super functional strategies. Warm textured tactile finishes are combined with glossy slick ones. Clean masculine lines are balanced with intensely feminine touches.

Three modest apartment units in this post war building were gutted and combined to create this 3900-square foot five-bedroom family apartment with an 1800 square foot terrace. The terrace extends along the entire northern elevation of the apartment and has views of central park and the Dakota. A living loft was created, also along the full length of the north elevation, to take full advantage of the terrace. The kitchen, dining, living and family rooms are arranged enfilade within the loft separated by minimal, centrally-located, Venetian plaster room dividers with concealed glass doors. With direct access to the terrace these rooms establish a gracious indoor/outdoor experience unusual for a New York City apartment.

With this refined collection of vintage inspired and decidedly contemporary pieces comes a sophistication that is rooted in history but remains decidedly modern. Luxury and decorative exuberance work with efficient and logical planning strategies to create spaces that evoke tradition but isn’t “your grannies” classic eight.