Adam Rolston

Creative & Managing Director, Partner

Adam has been engaged in the practice of architecture since 1985, was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended Syracuse University School of Architecture, where he studied both in Syracuse and in Italy under the influence of the northern Italian Rationalists. Adam has served as the Senior Designer and Project Architect for many large-scale, commercial office, residential condominium, private residential, hospitality, and retail projects in Southeast Asia, Europe and New York. He is known for his keen attention to detail, his ability to tackle the design and planning of complex projects at a variety of scales and for his careful attention to client and user needs. Adam is a registered architect in the State of New York, a member of the AIA New York chapter and the USGBC.

Drew Stuart

Field Director, Partner, AIA, LEED AP

Drew Stuart has been engaged in the practice of architecture for nearly two decades. At University of Cincinnati School of Architecture, and in extensive travels to Europe and Asia, Drew developed a commitment to quality and craft. He joined Tsao & McKown Architects in 1999 where he worked for seven years before founding INC in 2006. Drew has designed and executed private residential interiors, homes, hotels, spas, restaurants and large and small residential condominium developments - all with a domestic sensibility. He possesses a particular interest in the complexities of ushering a design from conception to realization while maintaining an appropriate balance between design and constructability.


Gabriel Benroth

Studio & Information Director, Partner

Gabriel Benroth graduated magna cum laude with dual degrees in Architecture and Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati. Apropos of experience in high-end retail, residential, and hospitality design, Gabriel’s finds joy in the intersection between architecture and interior design. His specialty in visualization and design is renowned in the industry. As Studio Director, Gabriel has expanded the traditional role by kit-bashing new and legacy technologies to build INC’s unique integrated platform.

Hilary Kroll

Project Manager, Senior Associate, AIA, LEED AP

Hilary Kroll is a licensed architect in New York State and has been practicing architecture in New York City since 2005. She attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated with a Master's degree in Architecture.

Starting her professional career at Tsao Design Group in San Francisco and at Callison in Seattle, Hilary executed retail and corporate interiors before moving to New York City to work for Tsao & Mckown on high-end residential and retail projects. Since then, Hilary has been the project manager/ project architect for many high-end projects in New York at both Incorporated Architecture and Design and Steven Harris Architects , with projects ranging from townhouse and apartment renovations to ground up residential houses, luxury condos , and rental apartment. Hilary also has work experience in exhibit design, hospitality, and office interiors.

Within the studio, she brings an interest in the process and work flow of design to optimize project delivery. By acting as the liaison between the partners, clients, consultants, and the larger studio, she seamlessly manages information o keep projects progressing on time and to ensure design quality. She is unique in the industry in that she routinely executes projects as both the architect of record and as the design architect for total project coordination.

Tyler Kleck

Project Manager, Senior Associate, LEED AP

Tyler Kleck has been on the INC team since 2007. Born and raised in northwest Ohio, Tyler attended the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with a Master's degree and a B.S. in Architecture. As a Senior Associate at INC, Tyler has designed and managed projects ranging from high-end apartment and office renovations to ground-up condominium buildings as well as numerous luxury hospitality spaces. With an additional interest in graphic design, Tyler has also helped develop many of the branding aspects on various commercial projects. Perhaps born of his midwestern roots, Tyler takes pride in wearing as many hats as required to complete a project, no matter how small the task.


Arthur McGoey

Project Manager, Associate

Arthur is interested in a broad range of design issues; from user experience and millwork details to exterior envelope design and building performance. Starting in 1998, Arthur’s experience includes high-end residential, townhouses, multi-family housing, airports, offices, schools and stadiums. Arthur originally moved to New York City to pursue his Masters of Architecture at Columbia University. He has also earned a B.A. of Architecture and a B.S. Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico. A common thread through-out Arthur’s work is a focus on a leveraging computation, visualization and information technologies to aid design, both practically and conceptually.

Louisa Revitte


Louisa has been involved in various aspects of the design world for the last 15 years. She earned an undergraduate degree in 2004 from Harvard University with a concentration in History of Art and Architecture. She then moved to Florence, Italy where she studied Interior Design at L'Accademia Italiana. Interested in attaining a professional degree in design, she returned to the US and attended Pratt Institute, where she earned her Master's degree in architecture.

Her past work experience includes retail design at Pompei AD in NYC and residential design at Maryann Thompson Architects in Cambridge. Louisa joined the INC team in 2010. Since then she has helped develop the FF&E department. At INC, she has been able to combine her love of all design facets, from art and architecture to interiors and decorating. Her passion is in the final layer of design and how it can coordinate seamlessly with the broader design, particularly when large floral prints or disco-era items are involved.

Michael Nartey

Project Manager, Associate

Born in Ghana and raised in New York City, Michael went on to study at Syracuse University School of Architecture. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Syracuse, he joined INC in 2010.

While working with INC, Michael has been involved from conception to realization on several high-end residential and commercial projects at various scales. His background in architecture coupled with experience working on interior projects at INC has allowed him to partake in a wide range of design problems. His interests lie within the fabrication techniques of not only architectural and interior design concepts, but also sculpture and furniture design.

Outside of INC, Michael has been developing this interest by engaging in the fabrication of bespoke design projects.

Neil Shah

Project Manager, Associate

Since graduating from New Jersey Institute’s College of Architecture & Design, Neil has worked in multiple roles on various project typologies. He uses this experience to help INC execute high end residential, commercial, fitness, and corporate projects. He is known for his ability to problem solve on the fly, software savviness, unforgiving standards of quality, and need for bespoke coffee and craft beer in the office.


Say-Yee Tay

Project Manager, Interior Designer, NCIDQ

Say-Yee spent her childhood swimming the deep ocean and exploring rainforests on Christmas Island. She completed her education in interior design in Perth and has been engaged in architecture and design in Australia and the United States for over a decade. In 2015, Say-Yee moved to the United States and joined the NYC office of Perkins+Will prior to INC. Her design approach combines a highly architectural understanding of design with thoughtful consideration to user experience, examining design problems from both an architectural and interior design perspective. This dual perspective drives the success of her projects, which range in type across all industry sectors, including hospitality, residential towers, and corporate campuses. Say-Yee is driven by her passion, the ability to create impactful spaces that inspire.

Megan McGing


Megan McGing is an Interior Designer with additional interests in furniture and graphic design. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she received her MFA in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design. Megan has worked on various project types including hospitality, corporate, and residential. Hotel projects are her main focus and she especially appreciates those with an inclusion of local artisans. Immersing herself in the search for local designers and craftsmen/women to fit within the design narrative is a welcome challenge for every project.


Grant Inglis

Architect, AIA

Grant Inglis is a licensed architect in New York State and has been practicing architecture in New York City since 2014. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with Master's of Architecture and Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture degrees. With a wide breadth of experience spanning many different design typologies, Grant has been an integral team member on numerous award-winning projects. He has a passion for examining the process of architecture as much as the final architectural product itself, and is continually striving to elevate the lived-experience of the built-environment. A functionalist with an appreciation for aesthetics, Grant is an avid cyclist and musician in his spare time.

Stephen Christy

Architectural Designer

Stephen studied at The Ohio State University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Architecture and later continued his studies at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Master of Architecture with advanced standing. During his time at both institutions he has studied around the world in places such as Shanghai, London, Greece, and Italy. He has worked as an architectural designer on a range of project types from corporate, education, healthcare, commercial, and residential. He has a passion for sophisticated detailed design and enjoys challenging preexisting norms in his work. He is currently pursuing his architectural license.

Sejung Kim

Architectural Designer

Sejung was born in South Korea. She graduated Pratt Institute of Architecture and has been working in small and medium sized architecture offices in New York since then. She is experienced at residential projects from affordable to high-end, and she has a good knowledge on NYC building code. Her biggest interest at work is fluency of communication since architecture is a collaboration of ideas, culture, professionals and infinity. In terms of architectural design, Sejung is intrigued by a reversal or unexpected moment of experience through space, and she believes series of moments can evolve into a great story, and architecture.


Kassie Daimo

Architecture Lead, LEED, Green Associate

Kassie's foundation in architecture and interior design began with her education in these respective fields. With a bachelor's degree in architecture (New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S. Architecture) and a master's degree in interior design (New York School of Interior Design, M.F.A. Interior Design), Kassie's holistic approach to design insists that an understanding for all elements of the built environment is essential to creating well-designed spaces. A certified LEED Green Associate, she is also fascinated between the interaction of natural and built environments. Kassie's professional experience ranges from hospitality, commercial, residential and institution work, all with an emphasis on architectural interiors and an unwavering attention to detail.

Riley Miller


Riley obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design from a small nonprofit design school in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been a part of the INC team since the winter of 2014, after a year in a small studio working on nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, and bars. Riley is passionate about the lifestyle of hospitality design and food and beverage industry, and works on the hospitality projects at INC.

Carolyn Woods

Architectural Designer

Carolyn Woods began her career in architecture in San Diego while working at a studio promoting the integration of architecture, science, education, and design. After graduating from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration, she headed to Clemson University for her Master of Architecture. During her graduate studies, she had the opportunity to study under Spanish and Italian architects while living in Barcelona in Spain, bringing a new perspective to her designs. She has worked on a range of project types, including high end resorts in China, while at a hospitality firm in Hawaii, as well as cultural projects in the United States, including galleries, performing arts centers and theatres, while at her previous firm in New York City. She brought these skills to INC where she has been focusing on high end residential condo projects in the city. She is a LEED Green Associate as well as an AIA Associate, on the path to licensure.

Chloe Bennett

Architectural Designer

Chloe is an architectural designer with experience ranging from residential and hospitality design to commercial and tech office design. She earned her Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and her Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, where her research focused on context driven design through the lens of phenomenology. Chloe has been working with INC since 2016, where her passions for the spontaneity of everyday lived experience and the re-contextualization of the familiar have marked a wide variety of INC projects. When she's not studying for her licensure exams or watching sports, her interests in food, music, and dance make wandering to new corners of the city one of her favorite activities.


Marissa Zane

Architectural Designer

Marissa is an architectural designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked as a both job captain and designer on a wide variety of award-winning hospitality and residential projects. She received both her Bachelors of Science and Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, and has been working in the field of architecture since 2011. She has worked in San Francisco, Nashville, and Cincinnati, and studied at École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris. She is currently pursuing architectural licensure. Marissa is passionate about designing richly beautiful spaces with materiality and craft in mind, but is equally obsessed with organization and process. On any given day, you can find her singing with the Manhattan Choral Ensemble, scoring a 50 with the INC Bowling team, or listening to podcasts for hours straight.


Lindsay Mannion

Architectural Designer

Lindsay began her career in New York City after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture in 2011. She gained experience in a variety of project typologies including US embassies and other overseas state department work, adaptive reuse, high-rise residential, and corporate interiors. She then relocated to Houston, Texas in 2014 to work in high-end residential architecture at an award-winning local firm, Dillon Kyle Architects, where she honed her skills in modern and contemporary classic design and the detailing of highly customized interiors. After returning to New York a few years later to explore designing for film and theatre at Tisch, she worked on the first season of a single-camera Amazon series produced by Moon Shot Entertainment and Sony Pictures. Still feeling a passion for creating spaces within the more permanent built environment, Lindsay joined the INC team in 2017. Her ambition is to bring the cinematic and story-telling qualities of space-making for the theatrical world into the architectural design process to elevate the experiential drama of our everyday habitats.


Clive Kuo

Interior Designer

Clive is a job captain at INC with experience in hospitality-focused projects. He earned his Bachelor's degree from University of California, Los Angeles and a Master's degree from Pratt Institute. Originally from Taiwan, he's had the opportunity to live in Asia, as well as both coasts of the U.S. Clive has primarily worked on hotel projects ranging from large executive business hotels to small luxury boutique hotels. In addition, he has also worked on commercial and restaurant projects since joining INC in 2018. There are currently three size-healthy dogs that live with him who are considered overweight by the vet. He enjoys stand-up comedy and going to restaurants to offer his unsolicited design advice.


Qi Tong

Architectural Designer

Qi is a job captain at INC with experience in both architectural and interior design. He was born and raised in China then moved to United State and received his Master degree in architecture at University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Since then, Qi has been working in New York city with experience from conception to realization on a wide variety of project types, including residential, hospitality, office and laboratory projects. Challenging himself to maintain critical attention to innovation and detail in his research and design decisions has guided him in comprehending the role of design in society.

IMG_4609_ Laura_edited.jpg

Laura Heeter

Interior Designer, NCIDQ

Laura is a job captain at INC, focused on interiors-driven work. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia and a brief stint in the legal field, she returned to academia and received her MFA in Interior Design from George Washington University. Since receiving her degree, Laura has worked in DC, Chicago, and New York on a wide variety of project types, including high-end single- and multi-family housing, senior living, hospitality, and assorted corporate typologies. In her design work, she strives to achieve balance between the conceptual and pragmatic, ensuring the creation of beautiful, functional spaces. Additionally, with a deeply-rooted belief that architects and designers are capable of driving positive change, Laura emphasizes universal and sustainable design processes and practice on her projects. When not at the office, she can be found wandering all over Brooklyn with her husband and Teddy, an adorable short-legged, big-headed rescue dog from Alabama.

IMG_4921_Drew H_edited.jpg

Drew Hood

Job Captain

Drew joined INC as a Job Captain with experience working on a variety of project types ranging from corporate interiors to single-family homes. As a kid growing up in Ohio, creativity was always important to him which started with drawing Calvin and Hobbes comics and lead to studying visual art at the Cleveland Institute of Art. What began as a passion for drawing shifted during college into a fascination with three-dimensional form and spacial experience. Ultimately these interests came together at UCLA where he earned his Master's Degree in architecture in 2010. Drew has worked with architects and builders in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Austin and New York - he is a registered architect in the State of Texas and makes time to paint as often as possible.


Alyssa Francis

Job Captain

Alyssa joined INC as a Job Captain. She is a licensed architect in New York State and has been working in the field of architecture since 2015. Her comprehensive skill set is comprised of an architecture foundation built at Syracuse University, human-centered design thinking developed at Gensler, and the application of these abilities as an architect at HDR. She collaborated on local projects across the Northeast, as well as international projects in China and Saudi Arabia across sectors including healthcare, higher education, experience design, and corporate interiors. She illustrates her core strengths of being analytically driven and motivated, in an effort to design a better world. As an architect, designer, and thinker, her goal is to solve complex challenges and share her passion for integrating life with design. Outside of INC, you can find her on her yoga mat or dog watching at Prospect Park.


Amy Cahill

Job Captain

Amy has been working in the hospitality design industry since receiving her BA INT from New Jersey Institute of Technology's College of Architecture & Design in 2015. Specializing in hotel and lifestyle branded design, she aims to infuse understated luxury into every project; that makes every guest feel like a badass. Outside of the office, Amy is a novice runner who can be found at the beach with her dogs or the local ice cream shop.

IMG_4798_Paris Sithi_edited.jpg

Paris Sithi

Architectural Designer, LEED Green Associate

Paris joined INC as an architectural designer. She is a LEED Green Associate, and she has diverse knowledge in architecture, interior design, event and exhibition design, and real estate. She earned a bachelor degree in Thailand, and she did an exchange program at University of Hawaii at Manoa. After a few years of experience, she returned to graduate school and received a Master of Architecture with minor in Real Estate from University of Florida. Paris is an active explorer who has been experiencing different cultures around the world, not only growing her vision in contextualism in architecture and design but also exploring the relationship of skins and structures through her style of fashion. With her precious time as an Ambassador for The World EXPO Milano 2015 in Italy, she became a designer who prioritizes human engagement and experience in her design. Outside of the office, she is always looking to brush up her Italian skills over food or drinks at Italian restaurants. You could also find her diving in the Caribbean, hiking on Inca Trail, or surfing in Hawaii.


Nathan Mohamedali

Architectural Designer

Nathan is an Architectural Designer at INC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2018. During his time at Cincinnati, Nathan lived and worked in Washington D.C. and San Francisco where he was able to observe how diverse cultures influence and interact with the built environment. Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Nathan moved to New York to further his interest in how different personalities and philosophies can come together to create impactful and lasting ideas. Outside the office, Nathan enjoys staying active by hiking, snowboarding, and playing basketball. He can be found exploring Brooklyn or in Prospect Park trying to explain to his dog that he needs to bring the ball back if he wants to play fetch.


Kasia Cyrulik

Interior Designer, NCIDQ

Kasia Cyrulik is an interior designer. She was born and raised in Poland. After graduating from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2015, Kasia began her career at the New York City office of Perkins+Will, where she focused on corporate campuses and workplace design. Since joining INC, she has had the opportunity to begin working on hospitality-driven projects as well. Kasia is a listener, using this skill to drive creative and innovative problem-solving. She is passionate about all phases of design and believes in the power of the design process to create holistic, functional, and inspiring environments. When not thinking about ways to transform the built environment, she lives outside of it - hiking, biking, skiing, and exploring new places.


Joselyn Dontfraid


Joselyn is a Designer at INC. In 2018, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design while minoring in Architectural History at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While at SCAD, she studied abroad in Hong Kong, expanding her knowledge of culture and design. Originally from Florida, she moved to New York City to embark on her creative career. Her design goal is to create experiences that can positively affect the user. Her interest in multiple aspects of art & design, including graphics, photography, and fashion, mold her into the designer she is.


Chih Kai Chan

Architectural Designer, LEED Green Associate

Kai received his Master degree in architecture at University of Pennsylvania in 2017. He is an architectural designer in INC. Before joining the INC team, Kai has worked internatonally including Taipei, Stuttgart in Germany and New York with projects ranging from small scale residential renovation to mid-scale commercial spaces. His passion in architecture is partial based on the his taste of music and he is deeply fascinated by the idea of sampling in different contexts, like music, architecture and fashion. In his leisure time he likes to go to vintage markets, live concerts or simply just skateboarding and chill with friends.


William Abramenko

Architectural Designer

William is an Architectural Designer at INC. In 2018 he graduated with a Master of Architecture from S.C.A.D. (Savannah College of Art and Design) and is the recipient of the A.I.A. Henry Adams Award and Medal. The focus of his research was on the design of a Vertical City that would act as a stable and sustainable solution for oversaturated cities. His well-versed attunement to technology, helps fortify his strong relationship between architecture and technology. Most importantly, he believes in creating architecture that maintains a strong physical and emotional connection within the built environment. In his leisure, he enjoys honing his skills as a designer by working with parametric programs and enjoying the company of his friends.


Pamela Jablonski


Pamela is a Designer at INC with experience ranging from mixed-use residential and hospitality to retail and office spaces. While taking on her degree in Interior Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, she experienced internships at Gensler, HLW, and Tory Burch. After graduating she found herself learning about NYC residential and building codes where she is learning to make her interior design visions a reality. While Pamela is in the process of achieving her interior design license, in her spare time she likes to learn different languages and enjoys 10 miles runs on the beach.


Sally Gibson


Sally’s career began in the tech industry in Silicon Valley in the 1970s. When her husband started his own tech startup in 1987, he said he wouldn’t trust his accounting to anyone but Sally. Thus began her accounting career. Since then, she has worked in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, software development, baseball, hospitality, performing arts, and non-profit environmental groups. Since moving to New York City in 2004, her focus on architecture accounting has increased and the combination of high tech background and accounting knowledge has enabled her to provide extra value. She has been with INC since the start of time.

Stephanie Lim


Stephanie graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Additionally, she completed a semester abroad in Milan, Italy where she learned to appreciate all aspects of business and design from an international perspective. She started in the A/E/C industry as a marketing intern for Ennead Architects. After graduation, Stephanie moved to New York and, prior to joining the INC team, continued building upon her experience as part of the marketing group at an acoustics and technology engineering firm. Outside of her career, she likes to travel and experience new cultures and places.


Zeus Rivera

HR Generalist

Zeus is the HR Generalist for INC. He handles the day-to-day HR function in the studio. Zeus began his HR career in 2013 at Tarrytown House Estate and Conference center. Steadily working his way up in the ranks, he has become a true and well rounded HR Generalist by his involvement in various HR disciplines. Zeus spent his last 5 years working in the non-profit sector before joining the INC team. Zeus enjoys working with people and getting to understand the complexities in them. This is what makes him good at what he does. On his spare time he loves reading and watching Curb your Enthusiasm.